Episode Guide

Episode #
Fan Favorite
1Probably a Sasquatch
2Fish and Chips
3Bipedal Boppity Boo!
4What the Heck is an Eggtoth
5The Cat Came Back
6Just Levitate With It
7Paranormal Prudes
8Harangue Again
9The Ghost of Mary Poppins
11How Hiring Psychics, You Know Where To Apply
12I Regret It All
13Foghorn Leghorn
14Ooooo, that Gave Me Cold Chills
15Baby Footprints..HUMAN BABY FOOTPRINTS?!?!?!
16Ya Gonna Die
17Everywhere You Go, Someone Has Died There
18I;ll Lick Your Nose
19Sent Chills To My Hoo-Ha
20Spring Fever and Nookie
21We Got a Ghost, People!
23Faces in Places
24Something Strange In the NeighborhoodCassiefacebook.com/CRussell2208/House of Bleu Art Gallary
25I Knew Somebody Was Dead
27Three, Tall Dark Silhoettes
28BRO NIGHT!Theresatiminteriors.comFallcityeyecare.com
29The Bed Was BreathingKimLocal Animal Shelters
30It's Trickery
31Live Show at 3rd Turn Brewery
32Clearly HauntedCandice Healthy lifestyle
33Meet Virginia
34OC Ladies Night, Oh What a Night!
35Ghostly Girl
36Sleep Paralasis Part 1
37Sneaky Aliens
38Why Risk Playing with the DevilDawn
40FUll Moon EnergyJane smithsuicidepreventionlifeline.org 800-273-8255
41Screaming Blue MurderLick My Neck AndyHis daughters photography
432ft Tall Gremlin
44Sleep Paralasis Part 2
45Kilo and 8 Ball
45Fancy, Don't Let Me Down
48Below Average
49Ouija Will or Ouija Won'tBrookehttps://olddoghaven.org/
50Bill Murray's HoseNormaALZ.org
51Casual Stuff for Ghost HuntersKeithrainbowrailroad.org
52First Year in the BooksJeanettehiphopcares.org
53UFOKrystalSeriholic Sisters Podcast
55OfferingsDanniShop Local
56Bony LegsJosephineHelp local familes in need
57Sam http://www.STAAR.org
58So Glad It Was Just A GhostPreston Sweet June Bakery
59A Bunch of HoowieSonjahttp://www.hrc.org
63what happened to 59-62?test